Speech Coaching For Global Professionals with Sarah Gallant

In this episode, we chat with Sarah Gallant the founder of CommuniClear Global, a speech coach aiding professionals in effective communication.

She's changing the game in global communication, helping people nail their English skills for better workplace chatter. Using tools like Clarityflow, she gives feedback on speech remotely – super handy for pros worldwide.

Sarah's work exemplifies the growing need for specialized communication skills in today's super-connected, multicultural work world.

Topics discussed
  • Sarah's work with CommuniClear Global to help individual professionals and their teams become more effective at communicating across the world.
  • Use of asynchronous tools like Clarityflow to practice speech and receive coaching feedback remotely.
  • Sarah's typical clients who are global professionals struggling with being understood in spoken English and needing to improve their confidence while speaking at work or in meetings.
  • A recent client example who is an attorney with Chinese as her first language, seeking accent reduction coaching to boost her confidence and improve her English pronunciation skills.
  • The challenges of effective communication in a global, multi-cultural workplace and the need for individualized feedback and guidance.
Sarah Gallant
Clarityflow for Coaches
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Speech Coaching For Global Professionals with Sarah Gallant

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