“Is This A Thing?” with Coach and Author, Rob Hatch

Get ready for an insightful chat as Brian dives into a conversation with the fantastic Rob Hatch, a coach and accomplished author with a wealth of experience in guiding entrepreneurs and big organizations alike.

They get into the nitty-gritty of coaching, uncovering the nuances that differentiate guiding small business owners from leading executives in vast enterprises. Rob also opens up about the rising trend of companies championing growth and coaching for their teams. He shares his own craft, spilling some beans on his special way of asking questions and building trust through a regular newsletter.

This one’s packed with tons of insights – tune in!

Topics discussed
  • Rob's experience as a coach for entrepreneurs and large organizations
  • The differences between coaching small business owners and executives within larger organizations
  • Recent trends of larger organizations investing in growth and coaching for their employees
  • The craft of coaching and the importance of asking the right questions
  • Rob's weekly newsletter as a tool to build trust with new clients
  • The process and structure of Rob's coaching business and how he has restructured it over the years
Rob Hatch
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“Is This A Thing?” with Coach and Author, Rob Hatch

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