How To Get Clients To Trust You, Simplified, with Justin Wise

In this episode, I’m chatting with Justin Wise, the brains behind The Different Company and a real pro in the coaching and community game.

We went deep into his journey from working in the church to launching courses and his exciting move to asynchronously delivered coaching. Justin spilled some gems on how he uses content to naturally pull in leads and build genuine trust.

Plus, we touched on the simple magic behind his marketing, and he got real about handling imposter syndrome in the coaching world. Honestly, there's so much to unpack here!

Topics discussed
  • Leveraging content to attract leads and build trust
  • Asynchronous coaching programs and their benefits for both coaches and clients
  • Building trust with clients over time by maintaining authenticity and transparency.
  • Keeping marketing automation and funnels simple
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome as a coach
  • Attracting action-oriented clients
  • Taking a holistic approach to marketing and business growth
Justin Wise
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How To Get Clients To Trust You, Simplified, with Justin Wise

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