Creating Your 10x Promise as a Coach and Teacher with John Meese

In this episode, we dive into the world of John Meese, a seasoned coach and course creator.

We explore his extensive background in selling courses, writing engaging newsletters, and the intricacies of entrepreneurship. It was fascinating to learn about his journey from leading Platform University with Michael Hyatt to carving out his own niche in authorship and coaching.

John also shares his philosophy on offering a '10x promise' to his clients, highlighting the significance of delivering outstanding value. His perspectives on contrasting different business models and understanding who his services are best suited for (and who they are not) were particularly interesting.

Join me in this episode with John Meese, where he reveals the complexities of running a successful business and the dedication it demands.

Topics discussed
  • John Meese's experience in selling courses, writing newsletters, and entrepreneurship
  • Comparison of different types of businesses and ideal customers
  • Building trust with an audience
  • Offering a 10x level of value or promise
  • John Meese's current coaching and authorship business
John Meese
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Creating Your 10x Promise as a Coach and Teacher with John Meese

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