Coaching on YouTube Starts With You with Amanda Horvath

In this episode, we’re in for a fascinating chat with Amanda Horvath, a seasoned videographer turned coach with a thriving YouTube channel under her personal brand.

Amanda's journey has been nothing short of inspiring, transitioning from her initial days as a consultant to now offering sought-after courses and coaching services. Beyond just the technicalities of videography, Amanda stresses the "human side" of content creation, an approach she aptly refers to as "Human Design."

With her coaching practice continually evolving, she's a testament to the power of personal branding on YouTube and the transformative business outcomes it can yield. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion with Amanda, as we cover this and so much more!

Topics discussed
  • Amanda’s background and transition from videographer to coach
  • The importance of focusing on the emotional side of creating video content
  • Human Design and it’s positive impact on business owners
  • The challenges of speaking to the camera
  • Amanda’s work with clients to develop marketing strategies and expand into new markets
  • Using the YouTube algorithm to your advantage
  • The evolution of Amanda’s coaching practice
Amanda Horvath
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Coaching on YouTube Starts With You with Amanda Horvath

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