Coaching as a Side Hustle, with Will Helliwell

In this episode, we chat with Will Helliwell, who's transitioned from Notion Dad to, expanding his focus from Notion to ClickUp.

We explore how this shift enhances his coaching service, offering insights into the benefits of integrating coaching with popular tools like ClickUp. Will also shares the challenges of balancing a day job with his coaching side hustle, giving a glimpse into his rebranding journey and how he shares this experience transparently on Twitter.

Join us for a deep dive into the practicalities and advantages of aligning coaching with widely-used software.

Topics discussed
  • Repositioning of coaching service from Notion Dad to
  • Will’s shift in focus from working with clients to help them set up Notion to helping them set up ClickUp
  • Balancing a day job with pursuing a side hustle in launching a coaching practice
  • Attaching a coaching practice to a very popular piece of software
  • Challenges of balancing a day job with coaching
Will Helliwell
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Coaching as a Side Hustle, with Will Helliwell

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