Becoming the Go-To Coach for (Popular Tech Here), with Jason Resnick

Dive into the world of email marketing automation with Brian Casel as he chats with Jason Resnick, the ConvertKit maestro, on how to become the go-to tech expert in your field.

With a history of expertise from WordPress to ConvertKit, Jason shares his journey and the strategies behind structuring his offerings through This episode reveals the advantages of coupling Jason's coaching and courses with membership access over traditional customer support, and the significant benefits of automation and scaling in the business landscape.

Tune in for a conversation that's as informative as it is essential for anyone looking to elevate their online presence and business efficiency.

Topics discussed
  • Jason's expertise in branding himself as a go-to expert for a particular piece of technology
  • How Jason structures his offerings and interactions with the ConvertKit team
  • The difference between working with a coach like Jason and going directly to customer support
  • Developing a coaching business in the ConvertKit creator coaching space with
  • The types of services offered to these clients (membership, coaching, courses)
  • The importance of automating and scaling businesses with the right strategies and tools
Jason Resnick
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Becoming the Go-To Coach for (Popular Tech Here), with Jason Resnick

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