A New Way to Use Assessments in Coaching with Chris Lema

In this episode of Claritycast Chris Lema, a seasoned business coach and entrepreneur, shares his unique perspective on the importance of assessments in coaching, offering a fresh take on how these tools can transform coaching practices.

We explored the innovative concept of Motivation Code and Motivation.AI, a groundbreaking approach to understanding personal motivations through past achievements. We also dived into Chris' coaching methods, discussing his strategies for pricing and packaging his services.

This one is full of valuable insights for both seasoned coaches and newcomers.

Topics discussed
  • What is Motivation Code and Motivation.AI?
  • The background and history of SIMA and achievement stories.
  • The importance of assessments in coaching.
  • Chris' coaching practice and how he prices and packages his services.
  • Balancing running a company and offering coaching.
  • Personal energy management for coaches.
Chris Lema
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A New Way to Use Assessments in Coaching with Chris Lema

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